Government’s influence on the construction industry in the UK

Government is the largest single construction client in the UK and its decisions can significantly influence the whole industry. And construction industry rightly needs some incentive, since it is a very conservative industry which does not embrace change lightly. However, major new government projects which include investments in new buildings in healthcare and education promote the use of modular building design and the use of new technologies. This alone could profoundly change the whole construction industry.

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Modular building systems in the UK

Modular building construction process is much more time-efficient and consequently cheaper than other construction techniques. The parts are mostly prefabricated offsite which considerably shortens the actual construction time on site. The prefabrication is streamlined because of modular components. Those can be assembled in the variety of options and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a project. As a consequence, modern modular buildings are of high quality and comfortable to live and work in. Modular building construction is also environmentally friendly since it produces less waste than conventional way of construction and it uses materials which are recyclable.

Modular building construction process

New technologies in the construction industry

Government promotes new technologies in construction industry manly to insure higher standards of design and construction, and to fuel innovation. The use of VR (Virtual Reality) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) make planning of a project much easier because all the necessary information is gathered in one place. This enables the professionals who are involved in a construction project (architects, engineers, designers and constructors) to cooperate easily and to predict potential pitfalls even before the start of any works. VR is also used to show communities how new housing projects will look like and thus winning their support and interest. In short, new technologies make the construction process much cheaper, faster and safer.

Modular building systems UK