How the industry came to this point

When it comes to building state of the art designer structures, modularity can hardly be avoided any more. Nearly all constructions, from storage facilities to offices, can benefit from universal modular building solutions. Designing the optimal modular system, that is able to serve the widest possible range of goals, has taken many years and an immense amount of expertise. Most revolutions don’t start themselves, and need tremendous amounts of energy to do so. The building revolution is no different, it has taken many people’s die-hard dedication to reach the point that we have reached together now. Finally the market has seen the potential and seems accept the modular concept fully. Embracement from such a conservative audience is never easy, but probably the hardest for the building market. Many people are very enthusiastic now, and more businesses start to contribute or show interest towards this wonderful new style of constructing facilities.

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Modular building solutions

Universal modular construction solution

The best part of the revolutionary new building style is that it has enormous potential to severe savings in resources. Time, money and materials needed can be reduced in most of the steps along the way of realizing a project. Structural components are fabricated in a highly controlled factory setting, allowing for a maximum efficiency in material and labor time. In house inspection and quality control are now able to monitor with more structure and precision than ever before, ensuring the high standards are met consistently. Consequently, the components can be assembled on site with utmost ease, minimizing the impact on the direct environment. Traffic, noise disturbance and pollution can now be brought to a minimum around the site, again benefitting the surrounding area. With these key features in mind, it is likely for permits to pass faster, cutting down on lead time by weeks, if not months dependent on the specific type of building solution chosen.