Our prefab modular buildings are environment friendly

Prefab modular buildings which we produce are made of high quality natural materials and can be recycled after they are no longer in use. Our products are environment friendly. We produce two types of modular units which assembled together create different facilities. Accomodation units are made of steel frame and facade which is made of different materials like impregnated wood or metal sheets. Facade can be made in various thicknesses, depending on climate of place where prefab building will be placed. We install doors and windows with different insulation too. Our modular buildings are suitable for all climate conditions. We can deliver them anywhere in the world. After production in our factory, we have to deliver units to the place where it will be assembled. We choose transportation which is best suitable for fully or partially assembled unit. They are transported with lorries or with ships if we need to deliver them oversea. We can drastically lower price of delivery if we send the unit dismantled in package. After prefab units arrive to their destination, they are assembled by our team. After assembly, unit needs to be connected to electrical, water and sewage system. After all installations are connected it is prepared for use. The base on which will stand the facility has to be well prepared.

prefab buildings


Great advantage of prefab modular buildings is quick assembly

Prices of prefab modular building are not high because of many reasons. First reason is they are produced in one factory, materials which are used for production are not very expensive, production does not take a lot of time, assembly of units is not complicated and is done quickly. Prices of prefab offices are much lower than prices of traditionally built office space. We can also install furniture in units and that also lowers the end price. In accommodation units we can install kitchen, electric radiators, ventilators, air conditioning and other furniture which we need for comfort. In sanitary units we can install plumbing installation and sanitary equipment. Units combined together create facilities with all essential equipment to create hotel, office, garage, school, restaurant, shop and other public places.

prefab office building

Prefab modular buildings have strong steel structure which can withstand three floors

Standard steel structure of units can support three floors but we can reinforce structure to hold more floors. Accomodation and sanitary units can be placed on top or next to each other. There are many combinations of placing units which create traditional or modern design of hotel or business facility. With prefab modular units we can create different public buildings at low prices. Prefab modular schools can be built in very short time. Modular units are very safe from earth quakes, extreme weather conditions and fire. That is way our prefab units are especially recommended for schools and kindergarten.

Prefab modular buildings can be assembled from units in different sizes

Our accommodation units at low prices are available in many different sizes. Smallest size is 2.989x2.435 m and the biggest size is 9.125x2.989 m. Modular units can be assembled together in different ways. Your new business facility can have modern or traditional design. You can start to build modular facilities with only one unit and in time you can add more units. You can also reduce number of units if you don't use them. Great thing about modular units is they can be moved to any place, so you can practically move your your office anywhere you want. This is very handy with prefab buildings garage. You can move container to another location or easily sell it when it is not connected to main building. Prefab modular offices are assembled in very short time and can be quickly disassembled in case of moving or if you sell it.