Prefabricated modular office buildings are redefining working spaces

Prefabricated modular office building trends are evolving towards more flexibility and variability in the workplace. More family-friendly working patterns, open-plain offices, teleworking and increased digital communication have transformed the way employers and employees see the working patterns. Be it for personal or business reasons, modular offices are especially apt to respond to the changing needs in the employment market. Family-accommodating working is one of the main reasons that businesses are looking into alternative construction ways, while keeping to the same standards of energy and space efficiency. Those levels in modular buildings are comparable to the traditional ways of construction. Especially employers with a high percentage of young adults, millenials or parents among their workforce might be well-advised to consider different working models.

Vast offer of modular office buildings and temporary modular office buildings for sale

As businesses increasingly face fluctuating workforce and workspace demands, the modular office buildings for sale by REM can address those needs. The company being a MSE and having grown from a smaller base, it is now one of the most recognised and rapidly growing producers and distributers of prefabricated modular office buildings in this part of Europe. The company itself and its products are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and innovation, which have earned it the trust of many clients, private and professional alike. It is also important to note the high standards, which are proven by numerous certifications at international levels. REM prides itself on putting the clients' needs first, which has led to many successful best practices at national and international scale. Its temporary modular office buildings, for sale worldwide, are gaining ground as one of the fastest growing trends.

Prefab modular buildingModular office building

Even small modular office buildings are apt for family-friendly working

Small modular office buildings are equally efficient at energy and resource level as compared to bigger facilities. Increasingly, employees ask for flexible ways of working and open-space offices are a way to address those needs without profit sacrifice. All parents know how hard it is to combine the demands of modern childcare with commuting, together with full working hours, therefore flexible working patterns and teleworking can greatly help to increase employee satisfaction. If the employers can relate to the difficulties parents and guardians face and offer adaptable work, the motivation and productivity of companies increase. All employers want to seek the right work-life balance, since all companies wish to have a workforce which is satisfied and goal-oriented. Some of the most successful ways of achieving more balance between working and private life include parental leave and flexible working arrangements. These on the other hand can be ideally accommodated into the company's planning and resource management only if the spatial needs are well addressed and this is where modular construction can make a difference.

REM high-quality and energy-efficient office buildings are available customized

Our office buildings are a welcome solution for businesses that want to adapt to the modern-day working demands, without compromising their productivity. All employees can request managers for adaptable working conditions. Flexible working, which is best accommodated in office building with non-attributed open plain working spaces, can be implemented in various modes. Employees often ask for work sharing, teleworking, working part time or working from home. Despite the employee's right to ask managers for adaptable working, employers have the right to consider all factors before approving the request. Adapted buildings will be a condition that needs to be taken into account. Finding a solid work/life balance is a field where the employers and workers can reach high levels of agreement. Through customized REM buildings all demands can be met at compromise level to the greatest possible accommodation of different demands. REM is itself a family-friendly business, focused on innovation, including in assuring flexible ways of working. As such, it is person-oriented, which is also reflected in its offer. All our business and private-related buildings are presented at our website, which gives an indication of our varied and prominent selection. We are always happy to respond to all your wishes and questions, so we encourage you to contact us  for more information. Do come by or get it touch for a customized solution to your needs.