Foot massage - path to harmony and well-being

Foot massage or reflexology is a very old healing method, which can help us ensure our physical and spiritual well-being and encourages us to maintain our health in all fields of life. The foot massage is based on the cognition, that every point on the foot is somehow linked with a certain muscle or organ in the body. By massaging and putting pressure on these reflex points we release energy canals, stimulate energy flow, improve health, and with it, well-being.

Reflexology foot massage affects the autonomous nerve system, so it enables a deep relaxation, a firm and deep sleep, increases antibody activity, natural body immunity and emotional balance. In addition it helps eliminate or alleviate many health issues, like back, sinus and knee pain, asthma, insomnia, menstrual problems, infertility, issues with skin, teeth and gums, diabetes, bronchitis and migraine.

How does a foot massage work?

Foot massageA reflexology foot massage is one of the treatments available to you at the Thai massage salon Onzonthai Ljubljana. The massage begins with a footbath, which cleans and relaxes the feet and encourages better blood flow. Foot massages use massage oil in its treatment, which make fingers gliding up and down the skin of the foot easier. With the thumb we press onto reflex points along the entire foot, beginning at the toes and ending at the heel. All changes that the therapist senses while working, for example crystals, lumps or swellings, are an indicator that the energy of that body part or system doesn’t flow freely. By pressing on the affected point repeatedly the therapist triggers release, the energy begins to flow smoothly again. The client might feel pain when the point is being pressed, but this feeling disappears gradually after multiple presses. The foot massage is then repeated on the other foot.

An unexpected improvement in the state of health can be achieved if we incorporate the foot reflexology massage into the leg massage.

Leg massage - excellent solution for tired and swollen legs

Leg massageA leg massage is a therapeutic massage, where we massage the front and back part of the legs and feet. We recommend it for tired, heavy, swollen feet, leg cramps, decreased joint mobility and circulatory disorders. A foot massage can be a part of a therapeutic program following injury and surgery. The massage techniques are adjusted to the individual’s health condition and their massage goals. A massage for legs is suitable for anyone without varicose veins.

We invite you to visit our Thai massage salon Onzonthai, the most relaxing foot and leg massage awaits you in Ljubljana.

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