Energy-saving industrial hygiene equipment for the best results

Industrial hygiene equipment is an essential part of every industry, especially food processing industries where high level of hygiene is an absolute must. A company has to ensure the production process complies with high standards of equipment cleanliness, which determines product and customer safety. If you are looking for a smart, fast, economical and reliable industrial steriliser or apron cleaner, look no further. Nieros, a globally-renowned specialist for industrial systems, has developed energy-saving and efficient hygiene solutions that guarantee an extremely high level of equipment hygiene and the prevention of possible contamination. Their equipment operates in accordance with the highest requirements – NSF, HACCP and IFS international quality standards.

High capacity industrial sterilisers

The Nieros tool sterilizers are able to effectively disinfect knives, axes, saws and knife baskets. Their apron cleaners provide the thorough cleaning of personnel equipment, such as aprons, boots and other footwear and uniforms. These sterilizers minimize the contamination risk, which is present especially in the food processing industry. The Nieros industrial hygiene equipment is a comprehensive solution that is highly customizable to the needs of specific production processes. It produced in-house and made of stainless steel – a robust and chemically resistant material that can be easily cleaned and maintained. The sterilizer machine walls are double-insulated, which adds to its overall compactness. This state-of-the-art technology brings high efficiency and functionality to the industrial process, along with operating cost and time consumption optimization.

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Knife sterilizers that meet your needs

The Nieros knife and tool sterilizers are applicable also in facilities with limited space options. They provide cleaning in two different phases, the first being hot water sterilization (at temperatures between 65 and 110 °C), and the second being the washing process. The hot water temperature can be adjusted by a thermostat. The system also uses a heater protection device. There are two types of knife sterilizers available – the small variant is able to hold 10 smaller or 5 larger knife baskets, while the larger variant accommodates 30 smaller or 15 larger baskets.

Apron cleaners for total disinfection of boots and uniforms

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When it comes to hygiene in the food processing industry, not only the equipment, such as cutting tools, has to be taken care of. Also aprons, boots and other parts of work uniforms have to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, in order they comply with all the required hygiene standards in the industry. Nieros designs user-friendly technology, which operates both manually and automatically. It is developed to accurately clean aprons and other small objects, so the risk of food contamination is minimized. This type of machines come with a safety rail, which provides the highest safety possible for the user.

This equipment uses a dispersion system which drizzles the cleaning solution and water over the brushes – all at the same time. Therefore, the washing process is both hugely simplified and accelerated. As a result, time and energy consumption are minimalized, which leads to the optimization of operating expenditures.

Besides the industrial washers, Nieros also produces advanced crate washing machines and hand-sanitizers for the personnel. This kind of equipment is vital in every food processing facility, where the overall cleanliness has to be controlled and kept at the maximum at all times. All their industrial hygiene equipment is made from quality material, using the most advanced high-technology. They are made to precisely wash, clean and disinfect every crucial part of the production process – the tools, crates, bins, uniforms, boots and hands. The results are both an impeccable hygiene that complies with all the strictest standards, as well as lower time and energy consumption.