Industrial logistics systems are a big help for any industry

Industrial logistics plays a great role in providing a competitive advantage for companies in a networked economy and market. Industrial logistics systems consist of resources such as people, organisation and technology, including information technology/systems for managing the inbound logistics, and production and outbound logistics to create value for customers. These kind of systems have become an important part of competitive manufacturing and service organisations. When manufacturing/service activities are decentralised and geographically dispersed, the role of logistics becomes much more important in reducing the time to reach the market by effectively managing the information and material flow along the supply chain.

material handling system

Automated logistics systems

The main advantage of automated logistic systems, widely used within enterprise logistics processes, is that they increase the efficiency and reliability of logistics processes. They are not modern-day inventions, their development is dated from the middle of the last century. However, during that time they have undergone enormous development up to the form of modern computerized systems. Their issue is wide-spectrum and interdisciplinary.

Industrial logistics systems designed by Nieros are user centred and ergonomic. Using them helps our personnel fulfil their tasks regularly and comfortably and raises productivity. The most notable benefits of their logistics and warehousing solutions include optimization of the time and expenses, the best possible use of space, efficient tracking and tracing and simple inventory monitoring. The company guarantees flexibility of their designs and their simple maintenance, which helps lowering the costs. All their products are fully integrated as they always listen to our specific needs.

Logistic management system

Smart and sustainable business requires fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable intralogistics and material handling solutions to help managing the internal production processes as economically as possible.

Logistics management systems designed by Nieros are compact, connected, flexible, practical, long lasting and customer friendly. They allow us to add and remove components and structures easily and will help us organise our space and internal production procedures economically and intuitively. This kind of management systems also simplify our production process and help us minimize losses and injuries in transport, food production, material handling or warehouses. The company covers the whole intralogistics and devices for material handling, which includes food cutting, picking orders, storing and labelling. The standards for manipulating delicate goods, like ISO, HACCP, IFS and others, are thoroughly respected.

logistics solutions

Logistic solutions

Nieros offers different kinds of logistic solutions that can be easily incorporated with their other products, such as hygiene and industrial washing units.

Total intralogistics and material handling solutions are developed for the specific needs of the food processing industry. They include transport systems, food processing lines, material handling equipment, and warehouse systems solutions and will help with the cost and time effectiveness of the production, rationalization of production lines and effective digital monitoring for time-cost optimization.

Transport Systems are mostly modular. By transporting materials along the production line, they enable smooth and optimized material flow to any production area. Nieros assists with planning, designing and implementing fully customized transport systems that will correspond to our specific industry, production area, needs, objectives, technology and production process specifics.

Nieros food processing line solutions minimize food contamination risks and conform to the requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF. All their products are produced in-house, and made from high-quality stainless steel.

Material Handling Equipment comes with many different benefits like safer and easier working conditions and the productivity and workflow increase. Moreover, it lowers injury risks and reduces labour costs. Nieros material handling equipment is made from stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and maintain and ensures its long life span.

The company also produces different warehouse systems solutions, all implemented with great traceability systems, that will make sure any product in our warehouse is found easily. Operated automatically or manually, they are user-friendly and ergonomic.