We are manufacturers of hygiene solutions which comply with standards

Nieros hygiene solutions are designed for all production areas where contamination risk presents great danger, especially in food processing industry. Accomplishing best hygiene practices and exceeding sanitation guidelines can be done only with advanced and up to date cleaning technology. Our industrial hygiene equipment, stations and systems sustain clean and sterile production areas with sanitary needs accomplished in entire production process. We are hygiene equipment manufacturers which is made of stainless-steel. That means they have superior reliability and longevity. They are sustainable, highly efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Hygiene solutions ensure clean tools and other accessories, they also establish appropriate hygiene practices for personnel entering or exiting production area.

Footwear and hand hygiene stations offer sanitizing solutions for personnel

Footwear and hand hygiene stations provide optimum sanitization of personnel at entry and exit points of production area. Being easy to maintain, highly efficient, cost-effective and quick to proceed, these stainless-steel machines are the best investment for companies in pursuit of the highest sanitation standards like HACCP, NSF, IFS. They are designed for both footwear cleaning purposes and handwashing. They have automatic disinfection units, which include rubber edges protecting chamber with illumination, automatic dosing system. Turnstile control allows passage that is only possible with properly completed cleaning process. Walk-through brush cleaner or a disinfection basin for cleaning soles and sides of the footwear is very effective in maintaining high sanitization standards.hygiene equipment

Best hygiene solution for thoroughly clean footwear is combination of various processes

Our footwear hygiene solutions guarantee efficient and quick cleaning upon entering or exiting production area. They have many features which make them easy to use: no tools needed to exchange brushes, automatic dosage of sanitizer, sensor activated, height adjustable and many more. Footwear hygiene solutions are available in various cleaning line lengths with different types of brushes for cleaning sides or soles or entire footwear. Sole cleaning solutions have horizontal brushes which are activated with the push of a button. Boot cleaning solutions have vertical brushes which are height adjustable so they can effectively clean both sides of footwear. Some models of footwear cleaning machines have additional hand brush for additional manual cleaning. Most efficient are hygiene solutions which offer combination of footwear cleaning process and disinfection process for entire surface of footwear. Cleaning machines are made of stainless-steel, so they are easy to clean. They have very low energy consumption. We produce boot dryer machine which is designed for storing, drying and sanitization of work footwear. Machine effectively reduces moisture and eliminates unpleasant odour, leaving footwear functional, ready to use. Drying is done with heated air. Construction with round pipe holders which blow air, can store up to 30 pairs of footwear. Drying time is electronically adjustable, per day it completes up to 8 drying cycles.

Boot washing station

Low pressure cleaning system is hygiene solution for work areas in various industries

Hygiene solutions for work area in different industries, are low pressure cleaning systems which ensure quick, easy and effective cleaning and sanitization. They are very easy to install, user friendly, allow choice of cleaning agent. Their water jet allows the system to reach every corner or work area even the hardest to reach. Low pressure system can systematically clean up to 80m2 per minute. Process consists of four phases: pre-rinsing to remove large pieces of dirt with water jet, foam cleaning to efficiently remove dirt, clean water rinsing and finally disinfection of clean surface. System is available as central or decentral, it prevents any kind of work area damage and aerosol pollution. Because of water saving technology, low noise levels it is economical and ecologic choice of cleaning. Low pressure cleaning system is made of main and satellite station, mobile station, chemical centre, chemical canister holders, hose reels, hoses and spraying guns.