Hand washing machine is a great way how to keep your hygiene standards

Hand Hygiene is a general term that applies to either handwashing, antiseptic handwash, antiseptic hand rub, or surgical hand antisepsis.

Clean hands are a simple effective approach to reduce the spread of infections from one person to another and throughout an entire community, from your home, to especially workplaces, childcare facilities etc. Appropriate hand hygiene is an important way of protecting yourself and others from infectious transmissions. Handwashing with soap and water is recommended to perform routinely, many times a day, especially in cases of visibly soiled hands, as is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations. If you do not have soap and water, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. These sanitisers are the most efficacious agents for reducing the number of bacteria and viruses on hands and are very suitable for a routine hands decontamination and hospitals.

To ensure an optimal hygiene in different types of industry, in particularly the food processing ones, there is a smarter and safer way to do it properly, and comes in the form of specialised hand washing machines. Nieros hand hygiene control solutions take care of total handwashing and disinfection, and efficiently meet the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. They can be applicable to any type of industry and have an option of automatic hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, which can result in optimal and cost-effective use.

The industrial hand cleaning process starts with efficient soaping, followed by a thorough rinse under the running water. Hand disinfection that will destroy hand germs and bacteria takes place only after drying one’s hands. With Nieros hand sanitiser stations, the mentioned process is well planned and managed, as they direct and force the personnel to follow all the steps, without skipping. A turnstile-controlled passage additionally guarantees the entrance of only the personnel that have their hands properly cleaned.

Nieros offers a wide range of prime quality hand cleaning stations, all made from stainless steel, hand cleaners, hand sanitizers, washbasins, hand dryers and other accessories. These devices can be self-standing, floor- or wall-mounted, and sensor or knee-operated, are ergonomically designed to ensure desired sanitary practices and mostly modular units, combining multiple functions in one. For instance, an automatic dosing dispenser allows hand sanitizers to sanitize and wash hands at the same time, while industrial hand-cleaning stations and washbasins provide thorough cleaning and disinfection of the personnel before entering the production area, which is vital in the food processing industry.

Hand hygiene stations

Available in many different models to meet all possible production requirements, Nieros hand sanitiser stations enable quick, easy and efficient hand disinfection. They can be used as a hand sanitization, a hand-washing unit, or both, and can be self-standing or in combination with other hygiene stations and tripod turnstiles. Their hand hygiene guard machine or turnstile hygiene guard has an automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser, which ensures perfect hand hygiene of the personnel and eliminates the risk of contamination.

As we already mentioned for the turnstile hygiene guard, Nieros hand hygiene station with turnstile gate HDK also guarantees uncompromising hand hygiene of the personnel before entering the production area. Providing an automatic dosage of soap and sanitizer, released only after both hands are placed inside the machine, it ensures sufficient and comprehensive hand cleaning. The turnstile is released only after the cleaning agent application is completed.

On the other hand, the model of sanitizer HS does completely the same trick, but can be used either for hand sanitization, only handwashing, or it can combine both. The machine can be placed as a self-standing unit or in combination with any other Nieros hygiene station or turnstile.

hand hygiene station

Automatic hand washing station

Nieros Hygiene Station HC guarantees optimal hygiene level of the personnel while they enter or exit the production area. It consists of a dual lane with a turnstile-controlled passage, one has a footwear sanitization basin and a drip-off zone on the entrance to the production area, and the other footwear cleaning brushes on the exit. With these two automatic hand disinfection units, it enables quick and easy disinfection and flow. Its high operating amplitude allows 10–15 persons per minute to go through the entry point (5 seconds per person).

These excellent devices are available with two versions of vertical brushes, for cleaning and sanitizing sides of the footwear that differ in height.

The benefits of any Nieros hand hygiene station are the minimal contamination risk that in the food-processing industry they bring, the highest hygiene level in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF, and the possibility of fully comprehensive hygiene solutions that perfectly fit the needs of any business process. All of their hand washing machines are produced in-house which ensures only the highest quality and user friendly.