Superior automated material handling equipment

In every modern warehouse, cost and time optimization is imperative. Especially big warehouses rely on the automated machinery, such as material handling equipment, which has to operate smoothly, safely and efficiently at all times, day and night. If you want to achieve the best results possible, you have to settle for nothing but the most advanced equipment that is designed to fit the specific needs of your industry. At Nieros we are specialised in design and manufacturing of essential industrial equipment, such as transport and warehouse systems, food processing lines, and material handling equipment. We are well aware that today’s quality requirements are complex and extremely high. Therefore, we are committed to create superior stainless-steel equipment that is tailored to the needs of the customer and helps increase the productivity of their business. Our clients derive from a variety of businesses, such as: food processing, chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry. Our automated material handling equipment will facilitate your workflow, because we fully customize it down to your smallest need. Our in-house made products enable the humanization of work processes and reduce the risk of injuries as well as employment costs.

material handling equipment

automated material handling system

Tilting and tipping equipment for a smooth workflow

We design and manufacture extensive solutions for lifting, transporting, tilting and tipping of various materials of all dimensions and masses. Our equipment can be applied to a vast variety of warehouse logistic processes. The Nieros material handling solutions will optimize your performance, help you reduce costs, and simplify your work. All our solutions are ergonomic, user-friendly and smoothly operating. We primarily develop equipment for the food-processing industry, where the highest hygiene standards have to be met. Thus, we put a big emphasis on the production of equipment that ensures the very best hygiene possible. Besides, we always aim for the highest quality of products which will bring a breath of fresh air into your warehouse – more quality and better performance in less time and with smaller costs. 

We are especially proud of our innovative tipping and tilting equipment which is made with the aim of simplifying material handling and making it quicker and safer. Our equipment is intended for a variety of different purposes, such as cleaning, emptying, weighing and dosing. The Nieros tilting and tipping devices provide and exceptional performance especially in risky areas where warehouse ceiling limitations exist. This equipment is designed for a gentle and safe handling of tanks, Eurobins, containers etc. which carry different items. Besides, our tilting and tipping equipment is able to empty and clean the bins and therefore enable a fluent workflow and supreme hygiene.