Log house price - prides for modern log cabins and residential log cabins

Modern log cabins and residential log cabins are safe, reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. Smaller wooden cabins as well as the residential log cabins offer comfort, homeliness and warmth. We use high quality Slovenian and Austrian wood, which breathes and keeps all the positive characteristics of the material.

Modern log cabins and residential log cabins are an economical choice. They are durable, adaptable, hard, offer a good protection against the fire and keep the draught out. Wood is an excellent sound and warmth isolator, which makes the general costs lower. Smaller log cabins and residential log cabins do not accumulate an electrostatic charge and do not encourage the

dust particles to move, making wooden cabins considerably less dusty. Wood is a recyclable natural resource and has no harmful effects on humans or the environment.

Log cabin building costs

Wooden cabin prices, log cabin building costs and residential log cabins for sale are comparable to the brick and prefabricated houses, but they can be even lower.

The costs of heating will also be lower. Due to the wood’s porous structure, log cabins do not cool at low temperatures as quickly as houses made from other building materials, which means it takes considerably less energy to heat a modern wooden house than it takes to heat a traditionally built house. The effect at high temperatures is similar - when exposed to a direct sunlight, it becomes comfortably warm and not unbearably hot as the traditional houses.

Wooden cabin and residential log cabins additionally take less time o build, which means lower log cabin building costs.
The prices are defined according to the materials used and according to the construction phase.

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