Bungalows for sale

Loghouse is a company with a long and lasting tradition of building wooden bungalow houses, which are energy efficient, economically friendly and last for generations. Take advantage of our special offer and check our bungalows for sale at a low prices. You can choose among different types and variations, but all bungalows have something in common - they offer comfort for the whole family, regardless if you decide to use our bungalow houses as a temporary holiday home or as a permanent residence.

Modern bungalowWooden bungalow for sale

What is a bungalow house?

Bungalow houses are compact and economical houses. They come in many varieties. A wooden house construction associated with today's modern bungalows originates from India, where they were used as a traditional bangala - a single-family wooden hut with a hatch roof. Bungalows for sale today might also have been inspired by army tents and English countryside cottages where all the areas (e.g. kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathroom) are arranged around a central living area in a bungalow house.

Modern bungalows

Today, bungalows are considered to be the houses of a wooden construction, which can be used as a permanent residence or a summer house for the whole family. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At Loghouse our bungalows for sale combine low prices, high quality natural materials, technical innovations and precise construction.

Why choose Loghouse bungalows for sale?

Lohgouse proudly continues a tradition of a wooden bungalows construction. We choose the material carefully, devote a lot of time to details, listen to our customer's wishes and offer a value for money. We are fully aware of the many advantages of the modern bungalows. They are aesthetically pleasing, economical, healthy and come at an affordable price. Our wooden bungalows for sale complement your surroundings, care for the environment and will make your staying in your modern wooden house pleasant and comfortable, regardless of the amount of time spent in it.

Wooden houses construction

At Loghouse we are proud of our careful and skilful construction of all our wooden houses. The on-sight construction time is short, since all the materials for building are prepared beforehand. The materials for the bungalows later offered for sale are carefully chosen and we only use wood of the highest quality. When constructing a wooden house we consider your expectations and wishes and offer our expert advice, which ensures that your bungalow house will meet all your desires and will last a lifetime.

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