Thyroid treatment in ayurveda to enable your good health

Thyroid treatment in ayurvedaThyroid treatment in ayurveda is a method to restore your physical and your spiritual balance as well. Thyroid treatment in ayurveda is a natural alternative to western medical approaches. Thyroid treatment in ayurveda among other means also a special diet including special herbs that are very beneficial to thyroid health. In addition our ayurveda wellness offers a number of ayurveda treatments such as such as ayurvedic massages, warming, purifying and rejuvenating therapies: Abhayanga massage, Udwartana, Sirodhara, Nasya, Shiroabhayanga, Padabhayanga, Gandusha, Baspha Sveda, Akshitarpana Netro Vasti, Pinda Sveda, Valuka Sveda and many more. Our ayurveda wellness is one of the best ayurveda resorts in Europe. In addition you can eat fresh and healthy food in our hotel, where you can spend your ayurvedic holidays in peace and the beauty of Slovene Alps. The nature in the surroundings of our hotel is unspoiled and pristine as it was hundreds years ago. In such environment ayurveda treatments are even more pleasant and successful. In addition, our hotel is perfect for occasional or regular yoga weekend retreats.

Thyroid treatment in ayurveda performed only by the best

Top international professionals are those who perform thyroid treatment in ayurveda and other ayurveda treatments. A thorough attention is paid to every participant of our ayurveda wellness. In addition, you really should come to our hotel if you are a nature lover. Our ayurveda resort is a perfect location for ayurvedic holidays due to a beautiful natural environment around the hotel. Only in minutes you can find yourself in the heart of the most beautiful and unspoiled natureEurope can offer.

Our ayurveda wellness is cherished by a number of our guests

Our thyroid treatment in ayurveda and our other ayurveda treatments are very popular and appreciated among our guests. They often return to our ayurveda wellness and gladly enjoy in our ayurveda treatments.