Health holidays at an ayurvedic retreat

Health holidays after a particularly stressful time in your life, physically or emotionally, can be a good idea. Good food, exercise and meditation on vacation can provide you with the necessary relaxation you need. We invite you to try our ayurvedic holidays, whether as a multi-day package or just a weekend retreat.

Health holidaysAyurvedic holidays at Hotel Kristal

One form of health holidays are ayurvedic holidays, which happen to be Hotel Kristal’s specialty. We offer a seven- or fourteen-day Ayurveda Panchakarma program, which includes everything a proper holistic health holiday should: Ayurveda treatments, including therapies and massages, proper food, as well as yoga and meditation. Vacations like these allow you to set your worries free and allow love and happiness to replace them. Ayurvedic holidays as part of our Panchakarma program will allow you to bring balance back into your life. These health holidays will remove any spiritual, emotional or physical blockades the stress of daily life might have put upon you and will allow you to return to your everyday with more vitality and vigor.

Meditation vacation amidst untouched nature

Another reason to spend your health holidays at Hotel Kristal is its location: hidden amidst almost untouched nature we encourage our guests to take to the nearby hills and mountains and explore their surroundings. The therapies of an ayurvedic holiday might have to be indoors, but your whole day mustn’t be confined to it as well. Take your meditation on vacation outside, sit atop a hill or near a trickling stream and allow yourself to open up to the universe. Our staff will point you in the direction of the most beautiful of spots.

The health mentioned in health holidays is not just physical, it’s emotional and spiritual as well. We understand and try our outmost to bring balance back into your life. Stay at Hotel Kristal and return home refreshed and renewed - body, heart, mind and soul.

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