Is it time to bring back wood parquet flooring?

Well... if we stay corrected - solidwood parquet flooring never really disappeared. Solid wood parquet flooring was popularized during the period when Versailles palace was built and stayed popular ever since. We install hardwood parquet flooring in our homes, offices, gyms and even shopping malls. Wood parquet flooring is very resistant and easy to maintain. After a simple, straightforward installation, you can enjoy solidwood parquet flooring for decades.

What type of parquet hardwood flooring do you like the most?

When buying hardwood parquet flooring you should first decide what kind of parquet flooring would you like to buy. You can choose from many different types of wood parquet flooring. For example, you can buy oak parquet hardwood flooring or cherry solid wood parquet flooring. You can also choose from many different colours of wood parquet flooring. Dark wood parquet flooring is very popular nowadays, but we are also offering you many types of light wood parquet flooring.

Dark oak parquet hardwood flooringWooden parquet flooring
You can also buy laminate parquet flooring with the appearance of real wood parquet flooring

In addition, you can also decide to buy laminate parquet flooring with the effect of real wood parquet flooring. We are also offering you teak wood parquet flooring.

Maintenance of wood parquet flooring is easy

Maintenance of solidwood parquet flooring is easy. Firstly, you should prevent scratches on the surface. For example, you must never wear sharp heels on the wooden parquet flooring. Caring for parquet wood flooring also contains regular cleaning. You should clean solid woodparquet flooring every once in a while to get rid of the small bits of dirt that appears on the floor and are able to make scratches in your wooden parquet flooring. In addition - while cleaning your wooden parquet flooring, try to avoid generic and abrasive cleaners or steel wool.

Take a look at our web page and buy your favourite wood parquet flooring

Take a look at our website and decide about your preferred wood parquet flooring. We are offering you many different types of real wood parquet flooring. In case of any questions you can contact us via e-mail od phone. We will be happy to help you answering any questions.