White laminate flooring is very versatile and can be used in all rooms

white laminate flooringLaminate flooring is made in many different colours from white to black. Different colours of laminate flooring give different effects in living spaces. We have more than 450 decors of laminate flooring to choose from. White laminate flooring gives the room very elegant sophisticated look. White ground surface is especially recommended for small rooms with little lighting. White laminate flooring makes the room seem bigger, lighter and more spacious. White laminate flooring also looks good in bigger rooms where you can create a lot of décor combinations. You can install white laminate flooring and paint walls in white and add some decorating features like paintings, carpets or curtains in contrast colours. It is a nice combination that makes a statement. You can also combine your white laminate flooring with furniture and decoration in creamy colours for soft and calming look. Another styling option is to use white and black pallet. This creates very modern high end appearance which many people like. Very common combination of white laminate flooring is with dark furniture or dark walls. This white and dark combination allows many decorating ideas. White laminate flooring is a safe choice.


Colourful laminate flooring offers many decor combinations for your home

colourful laminate flooringThe most commonly used colour of laminate flooring is grey in all nuances. Weather light grey or dark grey laminate flooring, grey is neutral colour which goes well with all other room decorations and furniture especially with white. Light laminate flooring is often used with modern designed furniture and with traditional furniture as well. Perfect colour for decorating room with light or dark grey laminate flooring is blue or teal. Because grey laminate flooring is so neutral you can combine it with furniture and décor in strong colours. Or you can go the other way and combine your grey laminate flooring with more subtle colours to give the room serene tranquil feel. You can install grey laminate flooring in kitchen or bedroom, it is suitable for all rooms.

With today technology very unusual colours of laminate flooring can be made

Colours of laminate flooring can be very unusual with different pattern of surface finish. Laminate flooring can have a distressed plank look which is produced by using two or three colour tones. If you are looking for really colourful laminate flooring, you should choose painted effect laminate in white or grey. Painted laminate combines wood and stone effect in one. In our sales program we offer all kinds of surface finishing. Glossy finish of white or dark flooring is very popular.