Prefinished solid wood parquet flooring - reliable choice

Prefinished solid wood parquet flooring is widely available and very reliable. At Floor Experts, we cooperate with the most trustworthy flooring suppliers worldwide. Thus, we are not only able to offer you an incredibly large selection of oak parquet wood flooring, we also offer the best price to quality ratio as well as special discounts and sale offers. We take great pride in our work and can deliver everything from traditional to contemporary designs! Whether you’re looking for beech wood parquet flooring, oak parquet flooring tiles or teak wood parquet flooring with us you can find it all!

prefinished parquet wood flooringsolid wood parquet flooring

Endlessly attractive solid wood parquet flooring

Solid wood parquet flooring not only joins elegance and durability; it is also a popular modern choice! There are several technological advances that contributed to this recent burst of popularity, including:

  • click solid wood parquet flooring - easiest, mess-free installation that doesn’t require any gluing at all!
  • 2-layer or 3-layer prefinished parquet wood flooring
  • custom made parquet flooring - solid wood parquet flooring manufacturer Floor Experts enable you to create your very own, unique flooring with simple step-by-step online guide

Why choose solid wood parquet flooring?

Prefinished solid wood parquet flooring offers an array of advantages over other flooring types. Some of them include:

  • Durability: every type - from oak parquet wood flooring to teak wood parquet - is sealed with powerful chemical sealers that ensure maximum durability
  • Easy maintenance: due to its very sturdy and strong surface seal, the maintenance of prefinished parquet wood flooring is easy.
  • Installation: prefinished parquet wood flooring requires no sanding or staining on-site. This way, you can avoid the messy procedure and don’t have to put up with unpleasant chemical odour after the installation.