Versatility of parquet flooring patterns

Parquet flooring patterns offer versatility, which will most certainly astonish you and go way beyond what you’re used to. There are several classic parquet flooring patterns, but also some more extravagant, eye-catching and luxurious parquet flooring designs, which you can choose from. The choice depend on several factors: which parquet flooring style you want, which wood species you choose, how thick is parquet flooring etc. But if you decide for the best parquet flooring manufacturers, which guaranty quality and flexibility, most parquet flooring patterns will be available to you. Just make sure to buy high quality and hire a skilled professional, if you want a fantastic end result.

Most visible parquet flooring designs

parquet flooring patterns and stylesParquet flooring designs have developed through several generations and now we’ve reached a point where most of the parquet flooring patterns are stylish. That’s good news! It means you can decide for a parquet flooring design which best appeals your visual senses. Some of the most common choices are: herringbone, double herringbone, basket pattern, bricks and rhombs, but you can also decide for more extraordinary parquet flooring design like (American and European) Marie Antoinette parquet flooring pattern, Chevron, Bordeaux parquet flooring design, Fontainebleau and other mosaic or custom made parquet flooring patterns.


Explore parquet flooring patterns

unique parquet flooring design manufacturersBefore deciding on a parquet flooring pattern we recommend you make a small research on what is available to you. Also consider which parquet style flooring would correspond to your furniture, if you have a specific parquet flooring manufacturer in mind and what effect you would like to achieve. If you need additional help deciding, you can always turn to our friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Floor Experts.