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Parquet oak flooring - endless possibilities

Parquet oak flooring is renowned for its timeless beauty, durability, and versatility. You can choose from many different colors of oak parquet flooring tiles. Among more subtle are brown parquet oak flooring, grey parquet oak flooring, black and white parquet oak flooring, but you can also decide for golden oak parquet flooring, which is a perfect and unique combination of brown and golden yellow. Our oak parquet flooring tiles are suitable for most rooms, they work especially well in the living room, bedroom, children’s room, office, and foyer.

oak parquet flooringoak parquet flooring tiles

Colors of our oak parquet flooring tiles

The possibilities don’t end here. You can choose oak parquet flooring tiles, which are among the more popular because they are durable, beautiful and can be styled with anything. If oak parquet flooring tiles are not your preferred choice, there are other wood species, like ash, maple, pine, spruce, larch, beech or walnut wooden parquet flooring. If you want more exotic option than parquet oak flooring or something mentioned previously, you can choose among jatoba, iroko, robinia, sucupira, merbau, teak wood parquet flooring etc.


Parquet oak flooring - laying options

After you choose the color and the wood, you should consider the laying options. Among the most popular ones are herringbone oak parquet flooring, double herringbone oak parquet flooring, basketweave, brickwork, chevron, and panels. Parquet oak flooring is suitable for all options, so it depends solely on your aesthetic preferences. If you decided to buy oak parquet flooring, we kindly invite you to our Floor Experts internet shop. There you can click several options - decide for the wood species (parquet oak flooring or others), surface texture and surface finish, dimensions, thickness, and installation method. If you want more information on classic or engineered parquet oak flooring, on the size or quality of oak parquet flooring tiles, we are at your disposal.