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Natural oak laminate flooring is available in many options

Natural laminate flooring that we sell is sourced from all around the world. Our suppliers produce high quality laminate flooring in many options. We offer many colour options, décor options, different surface textures, many different thickness options, different sizes of tiles, many abrasion class options. Our assortment of laminate flooring is enormous, we strive to accommodate as many clients as possible. With so many laminate flooring options, we are sure we can satisfy even most demanding clients. All products are made from best quality sustainable materials with the best technology. Production of best laminate flooring is environment friendly. We have very high standards regarding products we sell, so we choose our suppliers with great care.

Natural oak engineered laminate flooringOur assortment of light and dark engineered oak laminate flooring offers many options

We offer many options of natural oak laminate flooring. Choosing between light and dark coloured oak laminate flooring options is not always easy, because both options are stunning and can be used for creating stunning looks. We recommend light colour option for smaller rooms which don't have enough sufficient natural or artificial lighting. Light coloured natural oak laminate flooring optically enlarges rooms so it is best for small rooms. Light coloured natural oak laminate flooring gives room an elegant look. If it is combined with dark furniture or dark coloured walls it creates beautiful contrast. If you want your home to have more traditional appearance, we recommend dark coloured option of natural oak laminate flooring. Stunning dark coloured natural oak laminate flooring looks best in big spacious rooms. It is especially advised for rooms which do not have enough natural or artificial lighting.

Natural oak laminate flooring we sell is great option for all rooms in your home

Oak décor laminate flooring has the most natural look. Beside colour and décor which is identical to hardwood, it can also have surface texture that resembles oak hardwood structure. Hand scraped oak laminate flooring not only looks exactly like hardwood but also feels like hardwood. Oiled oak laminate flooring is perfect for creating traditional look of your home. Oak engineered laminate flooring is most popular choice among our clients. However, natural oak laminate has many advantages over hardwood. Natural oak flooring is budget friendlier option, so it is not such big investment that should last for decade or even more. If you get tired of colour or décor of your oak laminate flooring, you simply replace it with new one. Natural oak laminate flooring is prevarnished so there in no sanding and lacquering after installation. Furniture can be placed in rooms immediately after floors are installed.

Oak laminate flooring options

Installation of natural oak laminate flooring is fast and easy

Installation of natural oak laminate flooring is very simple and fast. It is installed with click system and floating method. Every tile has a groove and a tongue which fit together perfectly. No glue is used with floating method therefore it is very health and environmental friendly option. Rooms can be used immediately after installation because there is no waiting for glue to dry. We recommend to use quality underlayment when installing natural oak laminate flooring with floating method. Underlayment is very important because it has many functions. It offers stability to natural oak laminate flooring and it levels out small surface imperfections of underfloor which can affect stability. Underlayment also allows tiles to breathe. Contraction of natural oak laminate flooring occurs because of changes in room humidity and temperature. Quality underlayment works as a water, temperature and sound barrier. Humidity from underfloor can seriously damage natural oak laminate flooring. Underlayment protects oak laminate tiles from humidity which causes tiles to swell and mold can start to grow. Damage can't be repaired, there is no other option but replace tiles with new ones. Underlayment keeps laminate warm because it stops cold air from cooling down tiles.