Laminate click flooring - easy maintenance and even easier installation

Laminate click lock flooring is getting more and more popular. Maintenance of laminate click lock flooring is easy. Everything you need for washing is a damp cloth and some detergent, which should not be too strong in order to avoid damaging laminate flooring.

Laminate click flooring

How to install laminate click flooring by yourself?

Another advantage of laminate click flooring is an easy installation. Have you ever asked yourself how to install laminate click flooring? Follow the steps below and make you brand new laminate click flooring look gorgeous.

  • Laminate flooring installationRoll out the foam across the floor’s surface. Tape the seams together between the sheets of underlayment and trim the foam to size. Make sure that foam fits precisely at the junctions between the walls and the floor.
  • Lay the first row of laminate click flooring. Position the first board in a corner of the room. To place the next board, engage it with the end of the first board by holding it at roughly 45 degrees to the first board. Press down on the second board, and lock it into place. Continue joining boards in this way to make the first row
  • If you finish at the doorway, you may need to trim off the last board’s tongue with a saw or hammer and chisel so that it will fit against the wall. Then install the board. If the fixture is not in place, or can be removed, you should drill a hole in a board and slide it over the pipe. Use a pipe cover to cover the seam at the base.

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