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The correct way to install laminate flooring

Installing laminate flooring is quick and easy. Whether you are in a rush to move in or just want to do a renovation, installing laminate flooring is the choice you will be proud of. And since with the installing of laminate flooring underlayment, laminate is engineered for durability, you can count on it to withstand scratches and impacts. When later installing laminate flooring, you can even choose several wear ratings according to the expected foot traffic.

Install laminate flooring on concrete
Installing laminate flooring on concrete

There are a few details to be careful of when installing laminate flooring on concrete. When installing laminate flooring, underlayments sometimes come with an attached vapor barrier which prevents moisture from seeping into the fiberboard of the flooring. The underlayment is needed when installing laminate flooring on concrete. Before installing laminate flooring you also have to clean your floor and fill any existing holes. You have to follow the same process of cleaning and filling any holes in your floor when installing vinyl laminate flooring. The installation of vinyl laminate flooring can be done on grade levels of your home that are temperature controlled. Installing laminate flooring over linoleum can also be done, but the surface must be flat and level, the condition of the floor must be good and you must use padding when installing laminate flooring over linoleum.

installing laminate flooring underlayment
Choose which laminate flooring to install

Our wide offer enables you to select the perfect type of laminate flooring to install. You can choose between light, medium and dark colored laminate flooring to install. Choose 15 different types of décor of laminated flooring to install. You can also select which heating system you want to combine with your flooring and the abrasion class of your laminate flooring to install.

Under padding for laminate flooring: