Wooden parquet flooring -Parquet: Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring - parquet really is a special flooring and we, at Floor Experts, have some of the most amazing offers of high-quality wooden parquet flooring. Just take a look at our collection of wonderful and stylish parquet flooring. Wood is the best material for your flooring because it is a natural flooring. And who would not want 100% wood for parquet flooring? At Floor Experts, you can choose among different types of wood for parquet flooring, such as oak, pine, walnut, maple and other. They all have their unique look and color. Wooden parquet flooring sincerely is more expensive, but it’s a flooring that outlasts all other floorings. And wood never goes out of fashion. When it is time to repair parquet wood flooring, simply sand the floors and the edges, oil or lacquer then, and always take time to polish parquet wood flooring for that perfect shine. Take a look at our colorful wooden parquet flooring or decide for a more soothing and modern look by choosing gray parquet wood flooring.


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Colorful wood- Parquet flooring: Choosing natural look or not?

So choose the wood for parquet flooring that you like the most and start enjoying your new parquet. Hardwood flooring is magical, because of the natural appeal of wood. Although nowadays it is fashionable to choose a more colorful floor or simply recolor the parquet hardwood flooring as you like. Parquet is made from 100% wood and parquet at Floor Experts is the best parquet flooring. Wood is a natural material and wooden parquet flooring has that natural look that attractsmany. But just as such, if not even better, result can be assured with the wooden parquet flooring in a non-natural color

Wooden parquet flooring: Modern gray parquet wood flooring

Colors such as gray can be considered dull, but once you have put gray parquet wood flooring, space suddenly feels so different. And what makes gray parquet wood flooring so popular nowadays? Traditionally, those who decide upon wooden parquet flooring for their home, usually choose only natural colors of the wood. But do not be afraid to experiment, it does not mean you do not appreciate wood. Gray parquet wood flooring seems to have its own secret appeal. Gray parquet wood flooring creates such a different and unique experience with giving the space a delightful, yet calming look.

wooden parquet flooring

Gray parquet wood flooring in kitchen, living room, bedroom,...

Wooden parquet flooring is very traditional flooring, it's durable and easy to clean, maintain or repair. Parquet wood flooring will keep your house warm and cozy for many years. For that and many other reasons is why you should get parquet flooring. Wood is a natural material that breathes and has many advantages. You can place it in your living room, bedrooms, halls, etc. Parquet wood flooring in kitchens is no exception. If you want a more modern look then decide to go with gray parquet wood flooring. Gray parquet wood flooring in kitchen, living room or your bedroom will guarantee a more luxurious look.