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Dark wood parquet flooring for luxury

Dark wood parquet flooring brings out the sophisticated and chic nature of your home, however, darker tones of prefinished parquet hardwood flooring must be properly paired,since the wrong combination of dark wood parquet flooring (or laminate parquet wood flooring for that matter) can make the room feel gloomy and heavy. When combined with the right furniture, the darker colours of parquet flooring wood can create an unmatched luxurious feeling.

laminate parquet wood flooringsHow to pair dark wood parquet flooring?

Dark wood parquet flooring can be perfectly styled with white walls and light (wooden) furniture, which is a few shades lighter than your dark wood parquet flooring, but still, has the same warmth or undertone. For example, match black or dark wood parquet flooring with medium-toned cherry or maple furniture. Because the parquet wood flooring looks just like real prefinished parquet wood flooring, the same rule applies for laminate too.

If you don’t like contrast, you can also pair your dark wood parquet flooring or darker laminate parquet wood flooring with your furniture - try to find colours which almost completely match, for example try to pair your dining chairs legs with the floor. If you decide for matching, we recommend lighter walls.

Real parquet flooring or laminate parquet wood flooring

If you’re looking for something more affordable, but still chic, you can also decide for laminate parquet wood flooring. Laminate parquet wood flooring has the same appearance than wooden parquet flooring, sale of the first one is equally popular and has many other benefits: laminate parquet wood flooring needs no maintenance, is durable, the installation is quick and easy and you can style it just as your dark wood parquet flooring. If you can’t quite decide, we invite you to check our website and browse through our laminate and wooden parquet floorings for sale. If you have any questions or need more help, experts at Flor Experts are always at your disposal.



Dark wood parquet floorings