Adjustable bread slicing guide Domina - sharp as the sharpest knife

Our Domina bread slicing guide offers a choice of adjustable bread slicing machines that makes our cutting machinery even more suitable for your usage. We offer a collection of different types of machines for precise and custom bread width.

Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, school, cafeteria or a bistro- our cutting machinery Domina will do the work for you.

Adjustable bread slicing guideWe manufacture the following cutting machinery:

  • semi automatic (new!)

  • automatic (new!)

- Domina 11 mm (adjustable)

- Domina 15 mm (adjustable)

- Domina 20 mm (adjustable)

  • convertible two in one adjustable bread slicing guide

- 11 and 22 mm

- 15 and 30 mm

We also offer two types of packing tables:

  • Packing table Domina (new!): designed to fit both new and the old bread slicer,
  • Bread- trimming Domina (new!): is a specifically designed and adjustable bread slicing guide, which can be used for trimming and sandwich making.

Each of our bread slicing guide is properly equipped with a carrier that catches the bread as it is cut. Breadcrumbs are neatly disposed in a conveyer located beneath our cutting machines.

Bread slicing knife Domina

Bread slicing guide blades are designed from uppermost features and highest accessible steel, which are then even further keened by a technique known as double sharpening method. That gives each of our bread slicing knife long life span and with that a continuous blade.

We are proud in our tradition and manufacture of our very own bread cutting machinery that is based on years of knowledge, production, know-how and experience so you can own a top of the line product.

When you purchase any of our Domina cutting machinery, you also get a European quality certificate.

We are looking for a UK distributor - please contact us!