Waterfalls in Slovenia on your backpacking trips

Waterfalls in Slovenia are not an uncommon sight, but there are definitely tier of difficulty when it comes to reaching them. If you’re staying in one of the mountainous regions of the country for a hiking vacation, you can take advantage of your location and go on backpacking trips to several of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. Book a bed and breakfast in Slovenia, get a good night’s rest and head out the next morning on a hiking vacation you won’t soon forget.

Waterfalls in SloveniaSlap Savica - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia

If you’ve chosen Slovenia as your holiday destination and are a fan of long distance hiking, then we suggest you visit Slap Savica, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. A backpacking trip there will allow you to enjoy the almost untouched nature Slovenian tourism loves to boast with, you will be able to enjoy the sight of Slap Savica and return to your bed and breakfast in Slovenia exhausted, but refreshed and with new vigor, making it one of your top hiking vacations ever, we are sure of it. The waterfalls of Slovenia will definitely leave you breathless.

Bed and breakfast in SloveniaStay at a bed and breakfast in Slovenia

If you’re going on a hiking vacation and plan to spend most of your time on backpacking trips anyways, it makes sense to keep your accommodation costs and obligations minimal. But after a long day of hiking to several waterfalls in Slovenia for example, a comfortable bed and good shower water pressure is a must. Staying at a bed and breakfast in Slovenia is therefore the perfect balance between these demands. You can be sure to stay well rested for the next backpacking trip, but still retain the freedom a hiking vacation needs. If you’re looking for the best of Slovenia, make sure to check the local bed and breakfasts. Slovenian accommodations invite you to stay!

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