Private home accommodation in Slovenia

When you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Slovenia, there are several option of accommodation. Slovenia has all your typical vacation stays available to you: bed and breakfasts, hotels, apartments, boarding rooms and hostels. Another completely viable option however, is to stay in a private home accommodation, which you rent from individuals.

Private home accommodation
Private home accommodation - a home away from home

What makes private home accommodation in Slovenia so enticing is the ability to see how the locals actually live. While Slovenian and your culture might not necessarily look too different, it’s what people do at home that really shows you the nuances. So next time when you’re deciding where to stay in Slovenia, maybe give private home accommodation a try. You won’t get the same experience booking apartments in Slovenia or staying at the eco Park hotel.

Hostels in Slovenia for a lower budget

Hostels in SloveniaPrivate home accommodation is one of the plushier options for when you’re deciding where to stay in Slovenia. It is also rather expensive. If you’re trying to minimize accommodation costs, hostels in Slovenia are a great alternative to private home accommodation. Hostels in Slovenia come in a variety of pay grades as well, so you can completely customize your experience to your fiscal ability and wishes. No matter what type of accommodation in Slovenia you choose however, you will still have the same opportunities when it comes to taking advantage of the local sights and activities. Like the Slovenian Alps for example. If you decide to book a Lake Bohinj accommodation, not just any hostel in Slovenia, you can go trekking in one of the three mountain ranges our piece of the Alps has to offer.

Next time you’re wondering where to stay in Slovenia, your holiday destination, remember our suggestions.

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