Hiking in Slovenia - hiking in the Alps

Hiking in Slovenia, particularly on the hiking trails of the Julian Alps in Slovenia, can be an exciting way to spend your holidays. Hiking in the Alps mustn’t always be as difficult as people imagine it to be. The Slovenian Julian Alps, while still a proper part of the Alps, offer a wide variety of different paths you can take and difficulties you can try mastering before graduating to the more demanding mountaintops.

The Julian Alps of Slovenia

If someone says they’ve been hiking in the Alps, it is a pretty broad term. In the case of the hiking in the Alps of Slovenia, they are made up of three greater mountain ranges: the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karawanks and the Julian Alps. Slovenia’s highest mountain is part of the latter of the three: Mount Triglav, towering over Slovenia at a height of 2864 meter above sea level. It is seen as the pinnacle of hiking in Slovenia. It is also one of the toughest Slovenian hiking trails one can pursue and definitely recommended for people with at least a little bit of experience.

Hiking in SloveniaSlovenian hiking trails come in many difficulties

If you wish to go hiking in Slovenia, but don’t desire danger and want to see a few sights while you’re at it, we can suggest a few easier and very scenic destinations. You could go see Slap Savica, one of the most beautiful waterfalls the country has to offer. Or you can explore where Sava Bohinjka, the river that leaves Lake Bohinj, might take you on its journey through the county. If you prefer staying local and not even go hiking in Slovenia, but would prefer to stay local, take an easy Lake Bohinj hike around the lake and discover the beauty of the surrounding architecture, like the Church of St. John the Baptist, which is believed to be one of the most remarkable churches of the country in terms of architecture and paintings.

Whatever your preferences, hiking in Slovenia is varied enough to allow you to find the vacation you desire.

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